BeachTek has something exciting up their sleeves for BMPCC users…

…and it’s called the DXA-Pocket.

It also works on the EOS-M too, in addition to virtually any other camera with a mic input jack and no AGC:

And yes, you can mount it on a hot shoe too, if you prefer. It’s unbelievably versatile and simple, not to mention that it works really well with a light camera such as the EOS-M outfitted with a small lens. Everything you need in a pint-sized package.

The unit shown is a prototype, but the final product won’t differ much from what you see here.

More on the DXA-Pocket soon…

“Man with the 5D…and BMCC…and a few others”

The DXA-POCKET shown here was supplied to me by BeachTek. No monetary compensation was provided for this review. The comments above were not screened by BeachTek prior to publication and reflect the actual views of the author’s experience with the product.

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