Canon DIY Lens Repair: EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

This has been far too long in the works, but it’s finally here: A how-to DIY repair guide for taking apart (and rebuilding) the Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS (both the IS v1 and II) to fix the stripped focus ring gear issue.

Stripped focus ring gears are extremely common on these lenses Рand with a bit of patience and care, can be fixed for all of $10.

WARNING: By viewing and/or following this guide, you accept full responsibility for any malfunctions or damage that may be caused to your lens in the course of any service you may attempt to perform on it. Following this guide will void your warranty.


-Kurt “Man with the 5D”

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Javier Valverde

Hi sir. Thanks for your great video. However, where can I buy the "stripped focus rings"? I have typed "stripped focus ring" on eBay but I have not found them. Thanks again. Javier (Spain)

Kurt K.

You cannot (and do not) want to buy stripped focus gears (or stripped focus rings if they existed – but they don't). You want to buy replacement focus gears, which you can find on eBay. Buy the black gears, not the white/green gears.


Hi, do you know what size screwdriver is needed to removed those 1st two screws? They are very small.

Kurt K.

I believe I used between 1.8mm and 3.0mm screwdrivers. The thinner the points, the better.

vincent loustalot

I have the I’ll version. It has three screws hidden under the ring. I got the ring off and removed the screws but the front element will not rotate. How do I remove the element? There is a fungus in my lens that I am trying to get rid of. Any advice is welcome.