The importance of framing: Jib shots

FreddieW on YouTube once remarked that the camera you use is not as important as how you use it.

Being a film-look perfectionist, I can come up with a few hundred reasons why that is not always the case. Nevertheless, provided one has the talent for it, this statement is – in essence – true.

A perfect example can be seen in a recent test video I shot when I was checking the usability of the second-hand 8′ jib crane seen here:

Not in the mood to smash my 5D if something was to go horribly wrong, I shoved my tried, tested, and thoroughly beat Flip Ultra HD crash cam on the rig.

We’re talking about a camera that is best known for its mediocre 720/30p home-video look, and an automatic iris and rolling shutter that just won’t quit.

And this is where framing comes in. Despite some obvious “this camera is running on full-auto mode, and we can tell” moments, it looks like a million bucks:

Yep. Framing is everything.

-Kurt K. – “Man With the 5D”

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